iPad or Surface?

Fountain Pen or Facebook?

Running or Smoking?

We all have to make countless decisions every
single day. Do you believe marketing promises and advertising messages?
Do you trust politicians and corporate managers?

In reality, you believe in what you think and what you feel.
That’s why effective communication has to create insights
among its target groups, spark ideas and arouse desires.
Coherent communication that takes everything we can
perceive into consideration is the tool to get you there.
Clear and easy to understand – something memorable on
both conscious and unconscious levels.

Find out in 10 seconds what happens
when these components are not coherent.
  • Corporate communications
    Defining mission, vision and positioning
    CEO positioning
    Speaker placement
    Presentations, films
    Internal communication
    Adding value
    (with workforce involvement)
    Recruting communication
  • Advertising
    Print advertisements
    Folders, brochures, etc.
    Guerilla marketing
  • Crisis communications
    Ciris-prevention concepts
    (resonance in media and online
    other early-warning indicators)
    Ad-hoc programmes
    in the event of a crisis
    On-Site support
  • Change communications
    Getting management and employees
    Communication packages
    for management and employees
    Automatic feedback and
    control tools
  • Brand and product communications
    Social media
    Media cooperation
    Recommendation marketing
    Live communication
    Getting users and potential
    buyers involved