Presentation coaching

Fit for real and virtual stages

In our presentation coaching sessions, we show you helpful tools to inspire your audience. In addition, we train you how to come across as confident and self-assured – and how to feel that way. Because knowledge alone is not enough to convince people. According to surveys, only 4 percent of all presentations are inspiring!

How do we do it?

  • After a 10-minute briefing, you will receive a customized training/procedure plan.
  • In the training, we simulate typical presentation situations: from the 1:1 presentation to presentations on large stages to the virtually distributed statement.
  • Our didactics originate from competitive sports: you are given one task at a time – we record you on video. Afterwards, we analyze the recordings together – and the next training run follows.
  • We awaken dormant stories, metaphors and ideas in you. When you tell these, your facial expressions, your gestures and your way of speaking are “automatically” better.
  • It is recommended to do at least 2 training modules. With 2 to 3 weeks distance. Because only through repetition you can automate what you have just learned.

The coaching modules

  • Together we test numerous possibilities to get “ready to perform” without stress.
  • With the help of the NOK system, you set the course for appealing appearances: determine Needs, Opinions and Knowledge of your target groups.
  • We create REMARKABLE messages and statements to get a seat in the brains and hearts of the audience.
  • You train to convince non-verbally as well: with body tension, gestures, facial expressions and a way of speaking that fits the content and occasion.
  • Together we develop captivating beginnings, exciting stagings and dramaturgies as well as inspiring presentation endings.

Bosch + Team

Your trainer: Ingo Bosch

  1. Numerous pitch presentations as managing director of two communications consulting firms
  2. One of the “Top-21 media and presentation coaches” according to communications magazine PR Report
  3. Ex-performance karateka and graduate sports scientist

Trainings + Offers

Nothing excites people more than their own progress

Media training

Fit for media inquiries

  1. Simulated interview
  2. Strengths and weakness analysis
  3. Self-confident in front of camera and microphone

Executive positioning

Fit as a personal brand

  1. Journaling and creativity methods
  2. Comparison of self-image and external image
  3. Self-confident as “human brand”