Media training, presentation coaching and executive positioning

Appear compelling and confident

  1. 25 years experience
  2. Certified media trainer
  3. Among the “Top-21 media coaches”

Trainings + Offers

Nothing excites people more than their own progress

Media training

Fit for media inquiries

  1. Simulated interview
  2. Strengths and weakness analysis
  3. Self-confident in front of camera and microphone

Presentation coaching

Fit for the audience

  1. Simulations of typical presentation situations
  2. Strengths and weakness analysis
  3. Compelling on real and virtual stages

Executive positioning

Fit as a personal brand

  1. Journaling and creativity methods
  2. Comparison of self-image and external image
  3. Self-confident as “human brand”

Bosch + Team

There is a lot of potential in you. We make you fit to show it.


Versatile media and presentation trainer


Experienced filmmaker and science journalist


Passionate cameraman and photographer


Experienced Asia specialist and communications consultant


Fit for screen + stage

Birgit Wolff

Head of Marketing & Communications, ManpowerGroup GERMANY

“I wanted to get another level better. In fact, I feel even more confident now and almost enjoy answering very critical questions.”

Hajo Remmers

Chief Financial Officer, Med 360°

“A valuable media and message training. Ingo Bosch set the course with and for us to formulate and
communicate consistent messages.”

Monika Schaller

Executive Vice President of Corporate Communications, Responsibility and Brand, Deutsche Post DHL Group

“A thoroughly successful media training.”

Tips + Tutorials

How to win people and media over